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Bright Start Initiative

One of the top priorities of the Bright Start Initiative is to assure that every baby born in South Dakota has the opportunity for a good start in life. Bright Start is a comprehensive early childhood initiative composed of the following components:

The Home Visitation program targets expectant mothers and is designed to help them improve their health in order to give birth to healthy babies. Parents and prospective parents will receive home visits to learn how to care for their personal health needs, care for their child or children, stimulate their child’s development and provide a nurturing home environment.

Newborn hearing screenings, early intervention screenings and immunizations are all part of the effort to ensure a child’s bright start in life.

This Web site provides information that will assist a parent or care giver in nurturing a child’s healthy development. Ages and stages information helps parents know what they can generally expect of their child at a specific age. Activities to stimulate domains of development (physical, intellectual, emotional, social) are included with the ages and stages information. Appropriate children’s books and music are suggested. This Web site also lists books, magazines, videos, links to related web sites and telephone numbers that can assist parents in raising and nurturing their child.

For referrals for service, questions or other information, please call 1-800-227-3020.

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